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Charles Duret Charles DURET was born in April 1949 in Paris.

After having studied the science of gemstones and worked at the Place Vendôme, he set up his own business in 1983.

He has worked for diverse companies (Courrège, Givenchy, Rodier…) in his quest for the most beautiful natural materials in the world with which to create his jewelry.

In 1993, he discovered metalwork and, as a self-taught designer, began to create his new collections of timeless sculpted jewelry.

Using nature as a source of inspiration, he loves playing with contrasts, mixing smooth mirror-like surfaces with fractured relief.

In 1999, he left Paris and came to live in the heart of the Black Périgord in the royal hilltop town of Domme overlooking the Dordogne river.

Charles DuretThe Charles DURET brand has been successfully developed thanks to his presence at professional trade fairs and in the media, and his international clientele remain faithful.

He participates actively as president of “Valoris’Art en Périgord”, the association of artists and craftsmen, and as administrator of Domme’s Tourism office.

Since there exists no school teaching this style of jewelry sculpture in France, in his thirty years of professional activity, Charles has trained over 40 members of staff.