Maison de la Monnaie du Roy
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La boutique de Domme - Maison du Batteur de Monnaie du RoiWhat more majestic jewel than the Royal Franking House of the king of France Philippe the Third –the Bold- in which to house the creations of Charles DURET, artist and craftman?

Nestling between two gorgeous arched bay windows, its pastel colours are magnificent; it is more like an art gallery than a shop.

Il ressemble plus à une galerie qu’à un magasin conventionnel.

Its soul, the colour of its stone, the beauty of its woodwork, the way in which it is decorated and the harmony of the display cases gives this refined and luxurious place an ambiance of peace.

Enjoy our warm welcome, try on our jewelry, examine our collections and profit from our advice.

La boutique de Domme

Here is a veritable modern-day Ali Baba’s cave where our jewelry sparkles, seducing newcomers and pleasing adepts alike.