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Domme, perched on a vertiginously high rock below which the river Dordogne meanders, is nature’s ideal stronghold.

In 1281, King Philippe III the Bold decided to create a fortified hilltop town here. The commercial privileges bestowed upon it are epitomized by this banking house.

In 1307, the luckless Knights Templar were imprisoned in one of Domme’s four gates, the Gate of the Towers.

La Porte des Tours à Domme

The site is now unique owing to the moving and most mysterious engravings left by them on the walls there

Another treasure is to be found under the ancient market hall; a 450 meter-long series of caves which add an eternal magic to this exceptional site

No one can deny Domme its charm where a certain calm, serene atmosphere reigns and sooths to the soul.

Atmosphère magique dans le Périogord noir

To visit Domme is to be plunged into the very history of a medieval village.